Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Construction - Common Entry (CEY) CW438

Course Code: CW438
Course Places: 18
Duration: 4 Years

Application procedure

Students now have the option to choose either a common entry option at CAO stage and choose a specialist area by the end of Year 3 or can choose a specialist area at CAO stage.

This course provides students with an overall understanding of construction and building management with modules including: Construction Technology; Building Services; Materials; Structural Appreciation; Surveying; Management and Measurement; Applied Mathematics; Building Information Modelling; CAD and IT; Measurement and Estimating; Environmental Management; Accounting and Financial Planning & Control.

Students will take part in visits to commercial and industrial facility sites during the term of the programme. After three years, students separate into their chosen specialist area from a choice of two areas:

  • Quantity Surveying
  • Facilities and Buildings Services Management

An industrial work placement module between Years 3 and 4 will provide students with an opportunity to enhance their learning in a Quantity Surveying Practice, Facilities Management role or a Construction Company.

Course options

Applicants should choose CEY (Common Entry) if they are undecided on their speciality and can decide on their degree option at the end of Year 3. Applicants that select a specific degree option at CAO stage are guaranteed a place on that course, subject to meeting the entry requirements and points. All applicants may change their selection up to the end of Year 3 and must confirm their specialism at that point.

What is this course about?

It is an exciting time to study construction in Ireland. The industry accounts for one-tenth of the country’s GDP and is a substantial employer. There are more jobs in the construction industry than there are graduates. This means that students from our courses regularly benefit from better job prospects, more opportunities to advance in their careers and better starting salaries.
Turning a building design into a completed project is a complex challenge. It requires the careful management of experts from a range of professions and trades who, together, will liaise with clients and end users. Students will develop transferable talents, including communication, leadership, organisational skills and creative problem solving in an open and inclusive learning environment. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a key focus on the course. BIM is a computer-based design system that enables clients, constructors and other parties to collaborate on projects, physically and virtually. Students will participate in a number of interesting visits to residential, commercial, pharmaceutical and industrial facility sites. To enhance their experiential learning, students will also undertake a work placement between Years 3 and 4 in their chosen area of specialism.

What is a Common Entry course?

A Common Entry course is a popular choice for students who have an interest in a discipline but are unsure of what career path they would like to follow. Common Entry courses allow students to study a broad range of subjects initially and then choose their preferred specialist area after 1-2 years. The advantage of this course type is that it allows students more time to discover what subjects they are most interested in.

Quantity Surveying (QSY)

This course equips students with an understanding of construction and building management, specialising in management of costs and contracts for construction and refurbishment projects. Graduates can find employment in Ireland or abroad in a wide range of construction sector areas. To link to the QSY course detail click here »

Facilities and Buildings Services Management (FBS)

Facilities and Building Service managers are responsible for the provision, maintenance, operation and renewal of buildings and infrastructure. Specific technical and leadership skills are required to manage complex buildings and infrastructure in the most-cost effective and sustainable manner. Graduates of this course are employed across a broad range of sectors, including: industrial, commercial and public sector. To link to the FBS course detail click here »

Entry Requirements

Leaving Certificate:

  • 6 subjects with at least 2 subjects at Higher Level Grade H5 or better.
  • 4 subjects at Ordinary Level Grade O6 or Higher Level Grade H7.

Subjects required:

  • English or Irish at Ordinary Level Grade O6 or Higher Level Grade H7 or better.
  • Mathematics at Ordinary Level Grade O6 or Higher Level Grade H7 or better.

Graduates with a relevant Ordinary Degree are eligible to enter Year 4 of this programme. Graduates with a relevant Certificate are eligible to enter Year 3.

Mature applicants will be assessed on an individual basis and may be interviewed.

What subjects will I study?

Year 1
Mandatory Subjects

  • Construction Technology I
  • Building Services I
  • Materials
  • Structural Appreciation
  • Surveying
  • Management & Measurement
  • Applied Mathematics
  • CAD & IT

Year 2
Mandatory Subjects

  • Construction Technology II
  • Building Services II
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Earthworks Measurement & Surveying
  • Measurement & Estimating
  • Management & Law
  • Mathematics with IT

Year 3
Mandatory Subjects

  • Environmental Management
  • Sustainability and Energy Technology
  • Measurement and Management
  • Accounting, Financial Planning & Control
  • Services Technology
  • Capstone Project

Year 4

Subjects for year four depend on which area you want to specialise in. Check out Quantity Surveying (QSY) or Facilities and Building Services Management (FBS) for year 4 subjects. 

For Further Information Contact

Programme Director 
Fiona Dawson