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Art Degree Exhibition 2014 Travels to the VOID Arts Centre in Derry


Following the annual Art Degree exhibition at Wexford Arts Centre the show entitled 13°.now travels to the Void in Derry The show at the Void Arts Centre, Derry will run from Saturday 21st June to Friday 11th July 2014.  

Exploring many prevailing subjects, such as empty buildings, exclusion and oppression, motherhood, separation from family, modern communications, as well as more specific subjects such as science fiction and what future generations will make of the ruins we leave behind, this collection of work doesn’t shy away from the topics and themes that dominate our own thoughts and feelings in everyday reality. The use of digital media, installation, and more traditional processes such as drawing and painting encourages the observer to assess and consider each piece in isolation, while remaining aware that 13̊  is a cumulative, as well as personal exhibition.