What will I learn when I study during my time at Wexford?

The Agri-food sector is one that constantly evolves to rise up to new challenges and capitalise on new opportunities. The BSc in Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness is a well-balanced programme that combines the theory and hands-on learning required for graduates to be successful in the field. This cumulates in Certified Young Trained Farmer status ‘Green-Cert’ upon completion of the second year of the degree. In Table 1 below, you will see the list of modules that you will study over the four years of the programme. Of particular interest to students is the 24 weeks of work placement in Year 3 which takes place from mid-February each year. This allows students to learn new skills at farm and agribusiness level and also provides the opportunity to complete some work experience abroad.

Table 1. List of modules that will be studied as part of the BSc in Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness


Agri-business modules

Agri-science modules

Applied Agricultural modules

Year 1

Agribusiness Management

Basic Mathematics

Introduction to Crop Production

ICT and Agriculture 1

Animal and Plant Biology

Introduction to Animal Production

Academic and Personal Skills Development

Physical and Chemical Sciences for Agriculture


Year 2

Agricultural Economics 1

Agricultural Sustainability 1

Farm Mechanisation and Regulations

Agricultural Marketing 1

Soil Science 1

Crop Production and Weed Science

Farm Financial Accounting

Genetics and Breeding

Animal Nutrition

ICT and Agriculture 2



Year 3

Farm Business Law

Agricultural Sustainability 2

Professional Work Placement (24 Weeks)

Agricultural Marketing 2

Soil Science 2

Farm Buildings and Regulations

Agricultural Economics 2

Research Skills

Animal Product Quality

Year 4

Rural Entrepreneurship


Environmentally Sustainable Farm Management

Agribusiness Strategy


Advanced Crop Production



Integrated Farm Management


Practical studies in First Year

Many of the modules you will study during the degree programme will have a strong emphasis on practical skills development. In First Year you will have the opportunity to develop laboratory skills in biology, chemistry and physics modules and see how these apply to farm related problems. The ICT and Agriculture module will allow you to improve upon your computer skills and expose you to new technologies within the agricultural sector. While in the crop and animal production modules you will have the opportunity to learn some of the key management principals of crop and animal such as grass measurement, weed identification and crop growth staging. These skills are essential not only for progression through the degree but also for the management of a sustainable farm business in the future.