Meet the lecturers

Dr Stephen Whelan

Stephen is the Programme Director for the BSc in Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness at the Wexford Campus. He hails from a beef and tillage farm in Wexford and it was this background that sparked his interest in agriculture. Stephen is an animal scientist focusing mainly on nutritional management of cattle and sheep. He delivers the animal science and production modules on the programme.



Julie Mulligan

Julie is a member of the business team at the Wexford Campus. She holds a Masters in Business and a Certificate in Third Level Teaching and Learning.  Her research interests include local food tourism. Julie delivers a module entitled Academic and Personal Skills Development that includes academic writing, research & study skills and presentation skills. This module allows learners to develop the skills necessary to meet the demands of assessment within higher education and in their future careers.



Dr John Carroll

John is from a tillage farm in Kilkenny. Prior to joining SETU Carlow in 2017, John spent 10 years working for Teagasc as a researcher in crop production and biofuel technology. John maintains strong links with his crop research background and supervises final year research in this area. He lectures in the crop science and production based modules delivered as part of the BSc in Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness.



Dr Tomás Dwyer

Tomás lectures on the Agribusiness Management and Agri-Marketing modules on the programme. He believes these modules provide graduates with the knowledge and skills they will require to make critical decisions in an agri-business context.  Tomás has an Honours Degree in Business with Marketing, a Masters Degree in Business and a Doctorate in Education. Tomás has a current research interest in the value of local and authentic food from a tourism perspective. 



edmund joyce lecturer SETU carlow wexford campusEdmund Joyce

Edmund is from a beef, sheep and tillage farm in County Carlow and has lectured at SETU Carlow since 2004. Edmund delivers modules in Mathematics, Information Technology and Farm Buildings and Regulations as part of the BSc in sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness. His research interests include how farmers can make a positive impact on the environment and he was recently nominated for ‘Farming for Nature’ farmer of the year.
Pictured: Edmund Joyce speaking at the Farming for Nature competition.