Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Farm Management & Agribusiness


Thank you for considering the BSc in Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness as the course for your third level agricultural education. In choosing this degree programme you can expect to learn from some of the most well respected people in the agricultural industry and experience a degree that is unique in its balance of science, business and practical learning. Upon graduation you will have the opportunity to apply the skills learned on the degree in a challenging but rewarding agri-food industry.

This is a very exciting time for Irish agriculture as the country seeks to strengthen its position as a market leader in sustainable food production. The continued growth in market share of Irish food products abroad is built upon our ability to farm in a way that is environmentally sustainable, producing wholesome food for millions of people worldwide. This is an industry that is hungry for young, well trained graduates that are skilled in all aspects of the food chain, from maintaining healthy soils to the marketing of Irish agriculture on the world stage. These skills are at the core of the modules delivered in the BSc in Sustainable Farm Management and Agribusiness. We look forward to meeting you in September for the start of your future in agriculture.

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