Paidraig Sinnott Art Showcase

This body of work called ‘TV Dinner’ is composed of a series of interconnected objects, images, paintings and videos, which act like a TV series.  Some are polished, others more experimental: ideas of things to come.
Conceptually, they are connected through my experience spent in front of the television with my family, whether sharing a roar with my father at a sporting match or a scream
when given horror films on VHS by my mother at the age of six,
to fighting over the remote on Saturday mornings, deciding which cartoon to watch with my brother and sisters. Television has played a significant role in my life.

Shoe, video, audio and mixed media, 30 x 12 x 10 cm 

Trapped, Video, 16 secs

While you were sleeping, Video, 41 secs

Just Visiting,  mixed media, size variable

Bat,  pencil and ink on paper, 30 x 21cm

Glove, archival photographic print, 42 x 30 cm