Colm McDonald Art Showcase

Questioning the stereotypical interpretation of male identity is at the heart of my work. Using the medium of photography, I explore the idealistic figure of the ‘gangster’. In so doing, my intention is to directly challenge the viewer’s expectations, through a performative engagement with the figure of the ‘gangster, revealing his fractured, self-destructive roots. The burden of fulfilling preconceived notions of what it means to be ‘manly’, is represented in the gestures made by the characters in my images. The gangster has all the accoutrements of 'toughness' such as: the sharp suit, fedora, whiskey and cigarette. But these are all ploys to mask insecurity. My body of work aspires to bring this internal conflict to the forefront, challenging the conventions of living a ‘macho’ lifestyle. A lifestyle which is so often romanticised and valued as being the epitome of masculinity in Hollywood mobster films and other media.  

Guard of Unrestgloss archival photographic print, 82.9 x 124.4cm 

Futile Cocoon, gloss archival photographic print, 345.6 x 518.4 cm 

Untitled, gloss archival photographic print, 59.4 x 841 cm

Digital Video still 1 

Digital Video still 2