Ciarán O'Brien Art Showcase

I am interested in work that combines performance with music, technology, and dark humour. My work has elements of performance, photography and drawing, voice and text and is often kinetic and interactive. My work is both political and poetic with an element of the theatrical. What I have become interested in though my practice is how we approach art objectively and what the subjective nature of such enquiries might relate to. My work is not specifically tied to a genre but is postmodern and influenced by contemporary concepts such as; social ecology and the Anthropocene.

Om, duration 4 mins 9 secs

As The Soaps Stopped, duration 19 secs

Obey, matt archival photographic print,  59.4 x 841 cm

Baloon, matt archival photographic print, 59.4 x 841 cm 

Moog Subsequent 37 Filter Section, matt archival photographic print, 59.4 x 841 cm

Almost There, matt archival photographic print, 59.4 x 841 cm