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Social Care LogoBlock supervised professional practice placements take place in year two and three of the programmes. Students may source supervised professional practice placement in different sites around Ireland. There also may be opportunities for supervised professional practice placements outside of Ireland. The supervised professional practice placement programme provides students with an opportunity to actively engage in “action learning” and to integrate classroom theory with the “real world of work”. It also provides them with opportunities to develop their career paths.


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Benefits of taking a student on supervised practice placement

Supervised professional practice placements offer an opportunity to identify possible new recruits first-hand over an extended period in a real work environment. Students are up to date on current knowledge and practices which could provide new perspectives and ideas to the workplace. It also helps develop links at a local, regional and national level between the employment and education sector.

Placement guide for Sector Staff

Placement guide for sector staff
Social Care Practice Educator Handbook

Sector Testimonials

In ACAR we have over the last couple of years taken students on supervised professional practice placement from a number of colleges. SETU Carlow was the first college where we received students from who had not alone done pre-supervised professional practice placement course work but came equipped with a student/supervisor handbook and was followed up throughout the supervised professional practice placement with 3 way interviews. It was great to see a college that recognised the need to support not just the student but the supervised professional practice placement for the learning and development of all parties involved. The college was on hand if any situations arose for the student or those providing the supervised professional practice placement. The clear guidelines and supports given by the college enabled us to provide a more rounded supervised professional practice placement experience for the student. I would highly recommend the SETU Carlow, its approach to student supervised professional practice placement is personal yet professional, well designed and supported throughout the duration. (Declan Nolan, ACAR)

No Limits are delighted to work with SETU Carlow and enable students from the BA Applied Social Studies (Professional Social Care) course to gain practical experience of working with children and adults with intellectual disabilities by supporting our staff in the daily recreational and educational programmes. Students also gain insight into other important aspects of the business from finance and funding to marketing and management. No Limits organisation participates in the supervised professional practice placement process year on year, as management views the process to have a positive benefit on clients, staff and the organisation as a whole. (Nicola Coss, No Limits)

I am quite impressed by the level of work that goes into the supervised professional practice placement process. There is a high level of communication between the college and student, which indicates a strong commitment to both the student and supervised professional practice placement agency. Relationships are important and this has enabled other opportunities to open up between the college and wider community. (Joanne Donohoe, Carlow County Development)

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Benefits of going on a supervised professional practice placement

It offers students a chance to put their learned academic knowledge into practice in a real work setting. It also gives students the opportunity to develop their interpersonal and team working skills, gain an awareness of current developments in the sector and identify a career path. 

Placement guide for students

Supervised professional practice placement guide for students
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Student testimonials

Your first supervised professional practice placement can be a daunting experience, however preparation is key. The module preparation for practice is something that I found extremely beneficial throughout my supervised professional practice placement. I was taught how to apply the knowledge and the relevant skills I learned in college in this module. I completed my supervised professional practice placement in a service for young people in the community and I gained great experience in group work, identifying needs and planning interventions, advocating for clients, and developing skills and competencies relevant to being a professional. Whilst I would love to return to the same service I know how important it is to undertake a different supervised professional practice placement in year three, however doing my placement in this agency did aid my decision about what career path I want to take after college. (Lauren, 2nd Year Social Care Student)

Both of my supervised professional practice placements gave me a real insight into the world of social care work. Supervised professional practice placement allowed me not only to understand exactly what is meant by theory to practice but allowed me to do it for myself! It gave me opportunities to develop in ways I never thought I could on both a personal and professional level. (Sarah, 3rd Year Social Care Student)

The Supervised professional practice placement experience for me, was the perfect way to put theory to practice and see how theory moulds modern youth work. I feel that it not only gave us a chance to experience work in the sector as a student but it also became a physical aid to learning theory. The career development seminar held by SETU Carlow was a brilliant way of introducing students to the diversity and quantity of work in the sector. It also gave students an opportunity to learn about each organisation providing a more confident, educated approach when seeking out supervised professional practice placement or further more job opportunities. (Dillon, 2nd Year Youth & Community Student)

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Supervised professional practice placement documentation

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Supervision and Practice Based Learning

Supervision Meeting

Supervision Meeting Record

Career Development Seminar

The Supervised Professional Practice Office in conjunction with the Careers office will be running the career development seminar again this academic year. This day offers an opportunity for sector staff to come in and meet students and provide them with an outline of their agency and the type of opportunities available for supervised professional practice placement and career development. Key personnel from the social care and youth & community sector will be providing talks on topical issues, in addition to CV workshops and the career journey of past students.

Career Development SeminarCareer Development Seminar

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