Applied Sciences

The Department of Applied Science department lies within the School of Science and has constantly adapted to the changing requirements of industry and academia to provide graduates with the skills they require for a dynamic and engaging career.

The Department has provided graduates to industry and academia for over 50 years, and is constantly evolving and offering new and innovative courses to provide students with a wide range of career options in science. The department provides Certificates, Ordinary and Honours Degree, study programmes in the areas of Biosciences, Analytical and Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmaceutics and drug formulation, Brewing and Distilling, and Pharmacy Technician Studies. Research Masters and PhD programmes are also available. As a department we constantly strive to deliver the best learning experience that will support our students throughout their career in science.

Our excellent laboratory facilities, instrumentation, and decades of successful links with both the industrial sector and the wider community provide our students with all the tools and training they need to develop the skills, knowledge and experience to excel in their future careers.  In addition to an emphasis on hands-on, practical experience, all of our programmes offer work placement opportunities, nationally and internationally, so that students can develop their skills and gain valuable experience in a wide range of industrial and research settings. 

In the Department of Applied Science, we are working on exciting research across a variety of areas. Our enviroCORE research group leads the way in the areas of waste treatment, environmental bioindicators, and biomass production.   

We also provide international work placements, as well as hosting students from France, Turkey, USA, China, and Malaysia, ensuring we have a truly international feel to our department. As a department we are involved with National Science Week, SciFest, Eurachem, the Irish Pharmaceutical Union, Teagasc, and MSD.