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Social Media Development



Company Name: Clearly Sustainable

Location of Position: On-line

Company URL: www.clearlysustainable.com


Number positions: 1

Vacancy Type: Current Vacancy

Duties: Vacancy for intern to help promote an on-line podcast series which is run in conjunction with partners Global Action Plan International and Climate KIC. This is an unpaid part-time position but offers the opportunity to develop real-life work experience in international sustainability sector and social media promotion. The role is to take responsibility for the promotion of the series and to work with me on a social media strategy and plan. I do have an established network internationally but I am weak on social media skills to benefit from this. This opportunity has the potential for increasing listenership internationally and so demonstrating your ability to apply your study and skills in a practical environment. I produce a series of podcasts which are short ten minute episodes exploring the words and terms used in relation to sustainability. I have 40 episodes already produced. I have very limited personal knowledge of how to drive the social media potential for the series. I would really appreciate someone who could agree to help increase the listenership of the podcasts through using social media. This work could be done in conjunction with your studies or as a project to help you build real-life proven ability and experience. I could work with you to help embed this work as part of your study programme if that helped you. I am based in rural county Kilkenny but the work can be done from your own home and time. I think that 1 day per week would be sufficient to really help me build listenership. The podcastsa are freely available and I am not paid to produce these so I don't have money to pay for support I need.

Applicant Required

Target Discipline: Social Media

Level: Degree path or higher

Additional Info: I recognise that this offer needs to meet your goals also and am happy to discuss how to do that with you. This could be done in negotiation before starting so that we can agree how we could both benefit from the work.

Application Procedure

Method application: Apply in an email to victor@clearlysustainable.com with an outline of your skills and how you might be able to help . You can attach a CV and have a look at the website and feel free to make suggestions. Thank you for your consideration.

Closing Date: 16-02-2018