Employer Vacancies

Relief Social Care Worker



Company Name: Enable Ireland

Location of Position: Bray

Company URL: Eanbleireland.ie


Number positions: 2

Vacancy Type: Current Vacancy

Duties: • Adhere to Guidelines for Working with Children and Families as outlined in the Code of Practice. • Facilitate service users to be a part of their local community by assisting in their use of local resources and services, as well as taking part in activities outside the residence. • Enable service users to make decisions for themselves in all aspects of their lives. • Through placement plans and with service users’ assistance, devise and carry through appropriate goal oriented development programmes, aiming for as much independence as possible. • Carry out duties in accordance with Enable Ireland Health & Safety procedures and ensuring service users safety is paramount at all times. • Be aware of health issues for each service user and administer medication accordingly to Enable Irelands medication policy. Contact a doctor or emergency service where required. • Enable the service user to carry out therapy programmes, where appropriate, in the domestic setting. • Work with the service user to ensure that they maintain a high standard of personal and dental hygiene. Assist service users to maintain skills in these areas. • Liaise with other staff involved with service users, e.g. therapy staff, teachers, etc. • Be familiar with the correct usage of service users’ equipment. • Act as a team member, sharing information and ideas with co-workers. This includes participating in house staff meetings as well as keeping a daily record of events in the house. • Maintain high standards in care practice at all times in accordance with policy document. • Take particular responsibility for service users through the key-worker system. • Assist service users with family contact - liaise with families where required. • Attend IFSP’s, case conferences and other appropriate meetings. • Participate in external courses and in service training as requested or required. • Participate in supervision and personal development procedures. • Establish and maintain good working relationships with colleagues and service users. • Ensure that appropriate well-balanced meals are provided. Meal planning, shopping and cooking should include service users. • Ensure the maintenance of a clean, safe and comfortable environment within the house. Domestic duties (washing, ironing, cleaning) should involve service users where appropriate. • Maintain a child friendly and homelike environment. • Write and keep records regarding on-going development of service users, at all times respecting the need for confidentiality. • Take full responsibility for house when necessary. • Keep abreast of developments in best practice and participate in appropriate staff training/development programmes. • Drive minibus and Car as required, complying with Enable Ireland policy and procedures regarding use of minibus. • Carry out any duties required as a result of HIQA standards si 365-367. • Any other appropriate duties.

Applicant Required

Target Discipline: Social Care Workers

Level: Level 7

Additional Info: Please email for Job Specification.

Application Procedure

Method application: All applicants must apply via Enable Ireland application form. C.V. will not be viewed alone.

Closing Date: 21-02-2018