Dr Fiona Burke

B.A., Ph.D. (Economics) Trinity College Dublin

Lecturer in Economics in the Department of Management Studies
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Dr Burke has been a postgraduate supervisor in the Department of Management Studies for the last two years where she acts as an associate supervisor on the M.B.S. in Supply Chain Management programme. She is currently a member of the School Postgraduate Research Programme Board and is also a member of the Supply Chain Research Group in the School of Business and Humanities.  Dr Burke has conducted extensive research on the labour market dynamics of the Polish economy.

Research Interests

  • Will the Euro work in Central and Eastern Europe? What are the options for currency and monetary union?
  • Does globalisation and international trade improve product variety in the Irish economy?
  • Market forces and anti-competitive behaviour in the Irish property market.
  • Traffic generation and land usage in the South-East of Ireland.
  • Regulatory aspects of the organic agriculture market.
  • Wage curves and Labour Market dynamics in Transition Economies with particular interest in Poland and Russia.

Current Research Projects

Examination of the factors contributing to supply chain vulnerability.

Research Projects/Interests