Dr Diarmuid Ó Sé

BA, MA, M.Mgt.Sc.

Mathematics & Management Science Lecturer
Diarmuid obtained a Ph.D, at NUI Maynooth, in Theoretical Physics in 1986.  He was a research scholar in the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies for a year before he began teaching at IT Carlow.  He also holds a Masters in Management Science (1992) from the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business.  Diarmuid obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Third Level Teaching & Learning (DIT 2011).

Research Interests

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education especially in the area of Mathematics Learning Support.

Current Research Projects

‘The extent and nature of Mathematics Learning Support provision in third level on the Island of Ireland in 2015’.  Funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning.


“Surface Integrals in lower dimensions from higher order Chern Classes and a class of solutions in three dimensions”
J. Math.Phys. 27(1), Jan 1986

 “Non self-dual monopole solutions SU(n) Yang-Mils-Higgs systems”
J.Phys. A:Math.Gen 19 (1986)

“Conformal properties of the BPST instantons of the generalised Yang-Mills System”
Letters in Mathematical Physics 13 (1987)

“A finite action solution to generalised Yang-Mills-Higgs Theory”
Letters in Mathematical Physics 13 (1987)

Research Supervision

“Deployment of data compression within networks”  (Completed M.Sc. (1998))

“Alternative Sentential proof representation in a proof editor: anew approach to teaching logic”
(Completed M.Sc. (1999))

“An examination of the role quality assessment tools play throughout the supply chain for a product in the computer industry”  (Completed M.B.S.  (2005))

“An Examination of the relative merits of visual Kanban systems and Information technology based pull systems, for the management of component inventory in Supply chains”  (Completed M.B.S.  (2008))

“Supporting Multilayer Games in Heterogeneous Networks”  (Completed Ph.D (2009))

“Dynamic Network Selection in multi-Network Wireless Environments”  (Completed M.Sc. (2010))

“Measurement, Analysis and Simulation of Traffic Streams in Residential Broadband Access Networks”  (Completed M.Sc. (2011))

“A finite action solution to generalised Yang-Mills-Higgs Theory”
Letters in Mathematical Physics 13 (1987)