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designCORE (Centre of Research + Enterprise)
Humanising Innovation

Applied Design Research Centre in Industrial/Product Design Innovation

designCORE is an applied design research centre focusing on Humanising Innovation through a User Centred Design methodology for new product development. Its aim is to increase the level of applied research, multidisciplinary resources and network platforms for the transfer of design thinking and enhancing innovation within new product development. Through applied industry facing research, designCORE is an internationally recognised centre of design with a strong record of industry collaborations. designCORE wish to nurture an environment where academia and industry collaborations are mutually beneficial in the development of applied design research.

Have you a product Idea?

If you are an individual with an idea, an SME, a HPSU, a large National or a Multinational, designCORE can offer a range of skills, expertise and facilities to assist with advice, design research and new product development. Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your options in a confidential environment.

Research Capabilities

designCORE has dedicated researchers and personnel with a blend of industry and academic expertise and skills to support industry in design research and new product development.  Below is a list of the areas where we can assists industry.

  • Project Scoping + Pre-Development Phase Research
  • User Centred Design Research + Biometric Testing
  • Feasibility Study
  • Proof of Concept
  • Service Systems Design
  • Design for Older People
  • Design Ethnography
  • Prototyping
  • Group Workshops + Tailored Mentoring Programmes


designCORE has a dedicated research facility situated it the Dargan Research building at the Institute of Technology Carlow. The centre is populated with dedicated industry facing researches, post graduate researchers and access to a developed network of professional expertise.

As part of the designCORE facility there is a suite of rapid prototyping and testing equipment. There are many applications for these that can benefit new product development.  Detailed can be found in the attached file.

Research Profiles


Hilary Dempsey Colin Deevy
Con Kennedy Emmet Sexton
Carmel Maher Kim Mackenzie-Doyle
Bryan Leech PJ White






Contact Details

designCORE, Institute of Technology Carlow, Kilkenny Road, Co Carlow.
+ 353 (0) 59 9175328