“Look beyond the Superficial”, President Tells Institute Graduates

The current era of social media and fake news means that graduates, whatever their discipline, need to think critically, be constructively sceptical and see beyond the superficial and egotistical to ...
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MILITARY AIMING HIGHER - Irish Defence Forces Graduation at Institute of Technology Carlow

Over 180 members of the Irish Defence Forces were today conferred at Institute of Technology Carlow in what has become the largest annual military graduation from a higher education institute in the ...
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IT Carlow Technological University of the South East
Advanced Science and Technology Building Announced for Institute of Technology Carlow by Minister for Education “very significant for our region and country”, says Institute president.

(Mon. 16th October, 2017) - The announcement today by Minister for Education, Richard Bruton TD of an advanced science and technology building for Institute of Technology Carlow has been described ...
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Peter McVerry Heads Up Volunteer Fair at Institute of Technology Carlow

Institute of Technology Carlow set its annual Volunteer Fair in motion yesterday with a keynote address by Peter McVerry, the civic leader dedicated to helping the homeless youth through his organisation, ...
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EUREKA! Science & Technology Festival Announced For Carlow and Neighbouring Counties

Carlow is to have its own science & technology festival following the launch today of Eureka, a fun and interactive festival for Carlow and neighbouring countries which will run from 13th to 18th ...
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