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Non EU Entry requirements

Non EU Entry Requirements

First Year Applications
Students applying for first year must provide transcripts of their High School results or equivalent. Students must also have an IELTS of 5.5 or equivalent. These documents must be forwarded to the Non-EU International Office with a completed Non-EU application form.

Non-First Year Applications
Some students who have taken undergraduate studies at a recognised University or Institute may apply for exemptions for the studies completed or award received, subject to examination and acceptance of certified transcripts by the appropriate Faculty of the Institute of Technology, Carlow. Previous study must closely relate to the applicant’s chosen programme of study at the Institute of Technology, Carlow and entry to another year of study, other than Year 1 may be possible. For example, if a student holds a Diploma in Computing from a recognised University in their own country, they may be accepted to begin their studies in Year 3 of one of the Computing Programmes in the Institute of Technology Carlow.

In order to gain non-first-year entry a student must provide certified copies of their University results detailing all subjects studied during their University programme. High School transcripts are also to be provided in these cases.  Original certificates can be presented upon registration.

The relevant Head of Department within the Institute of Technology, Carlow will assess all application material and if the previous study closely relates to the required course in the Institute, non-first-year entry will be granted. An interview may be necessary to ensure the student is of an acceptable standard. Exemptions are at the total discretion of the Institute of Technology, Carlow. All admissions to the Institute are subject to the required standard of English specified for Year 1 entry.

Requests for non-first-year entry, along with supporting documents, should be submitted to the External Services Department at the Institute of Technology Carlow.

Academic Qualifications
International Students must demonstrate that they have reached a level of education in their country of origin that is the equivalent of a Secondary School Diploma (High School Diploma) with good grades in an appropriate language, mathematics and at least 4 other subjects.  A copy of school results must be submitted for adjudication along with the application form. If results are in a language other than English, a certified translation into English must also be provided. Original certificates can be presented upon registration.

English Language
Students must provide evidence of having reached the required standard in the English Language in reading, writing and communication. A minimum IELTS score of 5.5 to 6 or equivalent completion of studies.  Some programmes may require a higher standard e.g. Computing. A certified statement of proficiency in English must be provided as a prerequisite to registration as a student of the Institute.

Students must meet immigration requirements in order to reside and study in Ireland.
Visa applications will only be considered on the presentation of the following material;
• Original academic certificates
• Letter of acceptance by host Institute / College
• Statement of financial support
• Letter of undertaking by the applicant to return to their Country of Origin on completion of studies Annual Conferring Ceremony
In addition to these documents, the Department of Justice may require the applicant to provide other appropriate information.
Initial Visa application should be made to the Visa Application Section of the Irish Embassy/Consulate in the applicant's home country.

Science without Boarders - Ciência sem Fronteiras

Applicants who wish to apply for PhD study within the Institute of Technology, Carlow and for funding under the Science without Borders scheme must prior to making an application to Institute of Technology, Carlow, follow the instructions below;

1) Candidates must first agree upon a research project with the relevant Supervisor. For a full list of the PhD projects currently on offer please see the Research Areas page.

2) Candidates should contact the research project Principal Investigator directly to discuss the project, their candidature and application.

3) Once the Principal Investigator / Supervisor has agreed to support the candidate's application, the candidate should submit an application which can be obtained from the International office at .

Applicants who wish to apply for undergraduate study within the Institute of Technology, Carlow and for funding under the Science without Borders scheme should contact the International Office at for an application form.


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